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In recent times, online casino games are not just played, many began to broadcast their game live. This page is for people who like watching live casino streams on Twitch. On this page you will always find casino streams on Twitch, our site editor updates the page every couple of hours.

Fake Streaming on Twitch

The online casino streamer is not necessarily a competent presenter with a staged business. This activity allows people with any level of knowledge and skills, so you won’t necessarily be watching quality content. In the field of streaming casinos have their stars and their cheaters. And it’s not uncommon for star channel owners to have to deal with cheaters who steal their broadcasts.

The inexperienced viewer of online casino streams can’t always tell the difference between the fake and real channel. It seems that everything is fine. After all, the host is in place, there is activity in the chat. But this chat is only part of the recording. It all really happened, viewers were chatting among themselves and with the host, but in the past. You’re just being billed as a live recording. Some channel owners have learned how to deal with this type of scam by putting the date and time on their recordings.

How do you make money on casino streams?

The streamer is a partner of the casino. And as is customary in this scheme of cooperation, earnings are at the expense of the players who come to the casino through this partner. Note that the link to the casino is usually given on the channel. When someone clicks on it, registers and spends money, a portion of casino earnings goes to the streamer. At the same time there is advertising right on the air, when the presenter talks about promotions offered institution.

Real money or No?

Many questions from viewers on whether they use real money or for funnies during the streaming casino. And here both options are possible. Some bet their own, while others play in demo mode and make it look like a real game. Particularly doubtful seems the game at large stakes. In this case, the probability of cheating is higher. It’s either just the demo game’s funnies, or another type of funnies. Sometimes players negotiate with the casino, receiving credits to the account, which they can only spend on the game. Withdrawals are not possible, and winnings will not be recorded to their real account. It’s essentially the same as the funnies, it’s just that they seem like real money to the players.

If you take a partnership with a casino, it’s the same thing.

If we take the cooperation of casinos with players who organize streaming, there is an option without cheating viewers. Streamers simply get good bonuses on their real deposits. These are not the bonuses that are offered to regular players, but more profitable, due to which it is possible to minimize the losses from the game.

If we take the casinos that organize streamers, there is an option without cheating the viewers.